Dr. Keith Jones made four crowns for me in 2011. He is a fantastic and caring dentist, and I am very happy with the crowns. He worked diligently, and always made sure that I was not in pain. Dr.Jones also has a stellar support system; his two assistants, Kristen and Brett were dedicated, kind and attentive. And Shirley at the front desk always has a friendly smile and very helpful. Since things went so well, I scheduled another appointment for my daughter. When you need a caring and highly skilled dentist, Dr.Jones is the best choice. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Dr.Jones, for the beautiful smile that I have. Your work is much appreciated.


Our entire family have been patients of Dr. Keith Jones at the Lawrence Dental Center for many years. I cannot imagine having to find another dentist. Dr. Jones uses the finest materials that money can buy, as well as incorporating the very latest technology available in the practice of dentistry. His "chairside manner" is second to none. The staff is friendly, efficient, and accommodating. We have referred several people to Dr. Jones and have never heard even one complaint. We appreciate the professionalism of Dr. Jones and his entire staff.


My sojourns into the realms of dentistry before I met Dr. Keith Jones had been , shall we say , less than stellar. So much so that I had developed a real fear of all dentists and looked upon them as blood kin to the Spanish Inquisitors. So great was my mental block that it rivaled Gibraltar in its solidarity and the very thought of sitting in the chair waiting for a tooth to be filled sent my flesh to crawling. Upon the insistence of my wife, I made an appointment with Dr. Jones. Had the decision been mine alone I would have endured the ach in my jaw in the mistaken belief that it would somehow mend itself. What I found at 647 Country Club Terrace changed my outlook and put my fears to rest. These folks are friendly, professional, and show a tangible pride in the service they provide. They will not settle for anything but the best. Often going the second mile to make sure their client is given every consideration. I have had extensive work done under the care of these folks and look on them as friends. You can do no better than Keith Jones and his staff. In this matter my bark is every bit as good as my bite. Respectfully, James R Hopper

James R Hopper